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Welcome to the Plastic dehumidifier,Plastic dehumidifier website, here will introduce all the information and prices of the Plastic dehumidifier,Plastic dehumidifier, hope to help you solve the problem
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  Plastic dehumidifier,Plastic dehumidifier
product name:Plastic dehumidifier
Product Number:Plastic dehumidifier-001
Price:¥7500.00   Discounted prices:[WhatsAPP] []
weight:By machine size
Material:Stainless steel
synopsis:Plastic dehumidifiers are mainly used in underground engineering, national defense engineering, archives, libraries, factory workshops, warehouses, computer rooms, and environments that require temperature and humidity.
Manufacturer/company:Dongguan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
  Plastic dehumidifier detailed introduction

What is a Plastic dehumidifier

Plastic dehumidifiers are mainly used in underground engineering, national defense engineering, archives, libraries, factory workshops, warehouses, computer rooms, and environments that require temperature and humidity.
The temperature-adjustable dehumidifier can automatically adjust temperature, cool down and dehumidify. The temperature-adjustable dehumidifier integrates dehumidification, refrigeration and adjustable cooling capacity, which is especially suitable for dehumidifying places in high temperature and high humidity environments with large changes in heat load. The unit automatically runs in cold air dehumidification mode, and the heat generated by the unit is dissipated into the outdoor atmosphere through the outdoor unit; in a low temperature, cold and humid environment, the unit automatically runs in dehumidification conditions. The cooling dehumidifier has a cooling function while reducing humidity, but the cooling function is not adjustable. It is suitable for dehumidification occasions with large heat load and no relative humidity requirements.

Related Plastic dehumidifier parameters

Model Drying Air Volume(m^3/hr) Drying Blower Power(KW) Regeneration Blower(KW) Regenerative Heater(KW) Cooling nozzle(inch) Out/in Air Hose Dia(inch) Dimensions LxWxH(cm) NW(KG)
HF-80 80 0.75 0.2 3.8 3/4" 2 82×55×128 145
HF-120 120 1.1 0.375 3.8 3/4" 2 82×55×128 170
HF-150 150 1.5 0.375 5.4 3/4" 2 82×55×128 170
HF-200 200 2.2 0.375 5.4 3/4" 2.5 105×66×153 265
HF-300 300 3.8 0.75 7.2 3/4" 3 126×70×170 285
HF-400 400 5.5 0.75 7.2 3/4" 3 126×70×170 330
HF-500 500 7.5 1.5 10 3/4" 4 130×90×180 350
HF-700 700 2.2 1.5 12 3/4" 4 130×90×180 480
HF-1000 1000 3.7 1.5 12 3/4" 5 168×125×190 700
HF-1200 1200 3.7 2.2 12 3/4" 6 168×125×190 860
HF-1500 1500 5.5 2.2 15 3/4" 6 168×125×190 1100
HF-2000 2000 5.5 2.2 15 11/4" 8 210×141×196 1300
HF-2000 2000 3.7x2 1.5x2 12x2 11/4" 8 210×141×196 1400
HF-3000 3000 5.5x2 2.2x2 15x2 11/4" 8 224×220×210 1600
HF-4000 4000 7.5x2 2.2x2 20x2 11/4" 12 224×220×210 2200
1.The plastic materials can be fully dried when the dew point temperature is around -20℃.
2.We reserve the right to change spencifications without prior notice.

Plastic dehumidifier composition:

1. The unit is of high air pressure, and the air is supplied in the form of top air outlet.
2. The control part adopts advanced control components, which has the characteristics of high control precision and convenient adjustment.
3. The use of industrial fans has a long air supply distance, which is conducive to uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the room
4. The compressor is placed in the indoor unit, the whole system is more reliable, and it is equipped with high and low pressure gauges, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and repair.
5. The original imported scroll type fully enclosed compressor is adopted, which is highly efficient and energy-saving
6. Taking into account the complex changes of the working environment, the system is equipped with complete automatic protection functions, such as high and low pressure protection, and fluorine deficiency related protection.
Control system:
Electronic microcomputer temperature and humidity controller: digital temperature and humidity display, user parameter setting, easy operation and precise control; equipped with high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, can automatically realize temperature and humidity control.
Plastic dehumidifier features:
1. Adopts P.I.D.temperature controller to accurately control regenerative temperature.
2. Honeycomb wheel can provide dew point of -40℃ or even lower, after enhance the configuration, dew point can reach below -50℃.
3. Centralized automatic control can be realized by optionally selected PLC touch screen controller. 
4. Dew point sensor is optional, which can monitor the dehumifiying effect all the time. 
5. For dehumidifying drying unit, heat exchanger is optional to realize heat recycling with which 30% energy can be saved.  

Plastic dehumidifier applicationr

Plastic dehumidifier
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