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Welcome to the Hopper dryer,Plastic dryer,Plastic hopper dryer, hopper drying system website, here will introduce all the information and prices of the Hopper dryer,Plastic dryer,Plastic hopper dryer, hopper drying system, hope to help you solve the problem
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  Hopper dryer,Plastic dryer,Plastic hopper dryer, hopper drying system
product name:Hopper dryer
Product Number:hopper dryer-005
Price:¥8000.00   Discounted prices:[WhatsAPP] []
weight:According to the hopper dryer model
Material:Stainless steel
synopsis:The hopper dryer is a replacement product of the standard hot air dryer. Based on the original function, environmental protection factors have been fully considered and improved. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, shipping or recycling.
Manufacturer/company: Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  Hopper dryer detailed introduction

What is a Hopper dryer

The hopper dryer is a replacement product of the standard hot air dryer. Based on the original function, environmental protection factors have been fully considered and improved. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, shipping or recycling.

Related Hopper dryer parameters

In the raw material processing, the air is blown into the drying barrel through the dryer to obtain the raw material, and the raw material in the barrel is extracted after the production, so as to achieve the purpose of extracting the moisture content. After being heated by electric heating, the air becomes an inner screen high temperature dryer and a hole screen device, so that the hot air can be evenly dispersed in the drying barrel. Optional hot air recovery device to return the blown air. The wind enters into drying after filtering, thus forming a closed circulation loop, saving electricity.
The main components of the hopper dryer:

1. Discharge base 2. Magnetic frame 3. Suction box 4. Hot air recovery system 5. A-type tripod 6. L-shaped tripod 7. Disconnected material suction box;HOPPER DRYER

Hopper dryer model specifications:
Hopper-dryer Model HHD- 150 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Hopper-dryer Capacity(L) 150 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Hopper-dryer Heater Power(KW) 9 12 15 18 18 21 24 27
Hopper-dryer Power Supply(V) 380 380 380 380 380 380 380 380
Hopper-dryer Blower Power(W) 215 320 320 340 340 1100 1500 1500
Hopper-dryer Blower Flange(mm) 150 190 190 220 220 230 283 283
H(mm) 1552 1680 1855 1941 1890 2080 2620 2820
H1(mm) 1295 1550 1592 1730 1740 2295 2320 2320
H2(mm) 539 605 650 660 711 815 920 920
H3(mm) 853 915 1020 1045 1045 1265 1460 1466
H4(mm) 248 290 280 290 285 355 400 400
H5(mm) 174 190 195 205 205 245 270 270
H6(mm) 365 415 455 506 455 570 660 660
W(mm) 1040 1210 1270 1360 1425 1580 1770 1770
D(mm) 600 770 835 925 975 1070 1170 1170
D1(mm) 176 230 230 280 280 280 280 280
W1(mm) 176 230 230 280 280 280 280 280
φA(mm) 640 750 815 900 950 1050 1150 1150
φB(mm) 80 110 110 115 115 135 135 135
Hopper-dryer Net Weight(kg) 80 100 140 185 198 270 380 395
Hopper-dryer Packing Volume(m³) 0.93 1.43 1.94 2.27 2.47 3.7 5.3 5.65
Hopper-dryer Packing Size(cm) 107*67*129 120*83*143 129*94*160 138*98*168 145*103*165 164*114*198 180*126*230 180*126*249
Hopper dryer Feature:            
1. Material contact surface is made of stainless steel.        
2.Precisely cast aluminum shell, smooth surface and good performance of keeping heat.  
3.Low noise blower,machine seat installed with visual window, can observe internal raw materials directly.
4.Curved eletric heating tube designed, avoid burning caused by raw materials dust accumulation at the bottom of tank. 5. Precisely temperature control by adopts digital (proportional deviation) display temperature controller .
6. Installed with proportional deviation display control temperature accurately. 
7. Available for any type of robotic arm as casting aluminum die independent designed of barrel rolled backwards. 

Hopper dryer applicationr

The hopper dryer is the most effective and economical model for drying plastic raw materials. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to, packaging, transportation or recycling. The direct-type design is particularly suitable for being directly installed on the plastic molding machine for drying, which is fast and space-saving. This up-blowing hot-air dryer can provide a loading capacity of 12~1000 kg, which is divided into thirteen types.
Hopper dryers are used for mass production of a variety of raw materials. Due to the different density of each plastic raw material, the dehumidification and drying temperature of various materials are different, and the dehumidification and drying time is also different. Therefore, the hopper dryer is used alone. Reduce the drying error of each raw material, make the dried raw materials meet the standard, and make the drying time and the discharge speed of the dehumidified and dried raw materials match the time when the various raw materials are mixed. Greatly improve production quality and efficiency
This is used in blow molding workshops. The hopper dryer is directly installed on the injection molding machine. This greatly improves work efficiency and saves workshop space.

The material can be fully dried, the moisture content can be reduced, and the product quality can be improved.
2.0. Scope:
2.1. Suitable for material dryer in injection molding workshop.

3.0. Operation principle:
3.1. Plastic hopper dryer is a double-cone rotary tank. When the tank is in a vacuum state, steam or hot water is introduced into the jacket for heating. The heat passes through the inner wall of the tank to contact with the wet material, and the wet material evaporates after absorbing heat. The water vapor is pumped away through the vacuum exhaust pipe by the vacuum pump. Since the tank body is in a vacuum state, and the rotation of the tank body continuously turns the material up and down, the drying speed of the material is accelerated, the drying efficiency is improved, and the purpose of uniform drying is achieved.

4.0. The process operation method of the plastic hopper dryer is as follows:
4.1. High-efficiency conventional vacuum drying equipment uses steam for heating, which needs to be heated from inside to outside. The slow heating speed requires a large amount of coal. The plastic hopper dryer uses electromagnetic wave heating without a heat transfer medium. Inside the object, the heating speed is fast. 1 kW can add water at room temperature to the vacuum dryer within 3-5 minutes. The key is to integrate + improve technical management. The heat is up to 100℃, which avoids the above shortcomings, so the speed is high and the efficiency is high. , The drying cycle is greatly shortened, and the energy consumption is reduced.
4.2. The product quality is good. Compared with the conventional method, the quality of the processed product is greatly improved.
4.3. It has the functions of disinfection and sterilization, the product is safe and hygienic, and has a long shelf life.
4.4. The economic benefits are significant.
4.5.   Uniform heating. Because of the heating, the material is heated from the inside to the outside at the same time. The temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the material is very small. The drying quality is greatly improved.
4.6.  Easy to control, convenient for continuous production and realization of automation.
4.7. The equipment is small in size and easy to install and maintain.

5.0. Operation of the dryer:
5.1. Turn on the main power supply, restart the motor, and turn on the cooling water and air pipe.
5.2. Enter the drying temperature of the required material, adjust the position of the material level sensor according to the drying time of the material and the quantity required for production, and turn on the heating switch.
5.3.   After confirming that the dryer's discharge sliding gate is closed and the discharge opening is sealed, turn on the switch of the suction machine and add the raw materials.
5.4. Confirm whether the dryer is normal, open the discharging sliding gate, turn on the suction and conveying switch, and set the conveying time.
5.5. When an abnormal alarm occurs, press the alarm to stop. According to the cause of the alarm, the alarm will be automatically released after the fault is removed.
5.6. When the dryer is in use, if the same material is continuously produced, the dryer must be cleaned every four days; when material exchange occurs, the dryer must be cleaned.
5.7.  When shutting down, first perform the cooling process to about 60 degrees, and then turn off all the operation buttons on the operation interface in turn, turn off the main power supply, and turn off the water transportation. 

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