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  Hot air dryer,Hot air dryer
product name:Hot air dryer
Product Number:Hot air dryer-008
Price:¥5000.00   Discounted prices:[WhatsAPP] []
Material:Stainless steel
synopsis:This is a very simple hot air dryer with affordable price and obvious effect. It is mainly used for dehumidifying dryers for some common materials, but the body is relatively large!
Manufacturer/company:Hengju Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  Hot air dryer detailed introduction

What is a Hot air dryer

1. Contact parts made of stainless steel.
2.Precisely cast aluminum hull,smooth surface and good performance of maintaining temperature setting.
3.Low noise blower,installed air filter with(optional) purity guaranteed.
4.Material tank installed with side glass for inspection.
5.Curve heating cylinder designed to avoid power pile.
Installed with proportional deviation display control temperature accurately.
7.High-temperature type for 50-1500kg available,with double-walled hopper tank stainless steel heating tube and high-temperature blower.
8.Hopper specially designed for easy opening,suitable for all robots.

Hot air dryer accessories

Related Hot air dryer parameters

The air blown by the drying fan becomes high-temperature dry air after drying and electric heating. Through the unique design of the lower blower pipe, the hot air is evenly dispersed in the insulation barrel to dry the raw materials; the hot air recovery device is optional, and the air blown out is filtered and then dried The wind blows out, forming a closed loop.
The hot air generated by the electric heating tube acts on the raw materials, and the generated hot moisture is blown into the recovery device. The recovery device is equipped with a filter to filter the dust contained in the hot air, and the moisture is naturally evaporated and discharged out of the machine. The hot air is blown back by the fan to circulate in the dryer again. 

 Plastic hot air dryer product characteristics description:  
The replacement product of the standard hot air dryer, based on the original function, fully considered environmental factors and improved.
Energy saving-reducing heat loss, recycling, greatly saving electricity.
Improved efficiency—heat energy is concentrated, and the dehumidification equipment quickly discharges moisture out of the machine, speeding up the drying speed.
Environmental purification—closed design, drying in circulation In the process of ,
dust can be filtered to avoid pollution, and it can reduce the temperature rise of the working environment due to dryness. The special filter is resistant to high temperature.

Hot air dryer applicationr

Hot air dryer
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