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Gravimetric batch blender

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What is a gravimetric blender?

gravimetric blender,gravimetric batch blender,weigh scale blenderThe gravimetric blender is used in the injection and extrusion industries where a variety of raw materials need to be accurately mixed in proportion. It is also an important equipment for automated factories to gravimetric and blender the production materials. The gravimetric blender adopts a PLC controller. It integrates the characteristics of automatic weighing, automatic measurement, automatic mixing, automatic discharging, etc. The mixing accuracy can reach up to ±0.05%. , And use advanced batching algorithm to ensure the high quality and comprehensive technical characteristics, so that the product has excellent performance, stable operation and safe and reliable operation.
It adopts modular and detachable structure design, which saves space and is easy to clean; and can process a variety of raw materials at the same time; built-in suction control program can save suction control cost; adopt PLC controller to ensure stable and reliable performance and easy maintenance; Adopt advanced control algorithm, self-optimization, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention functions to ensure the best batching accuracy; color graphic display, touch screen operation, multi-language online switching; weighing, volume mixed metering mode to increase batching Ability; with recipe storage function, up to 100 groups of recipes can be stored; hierarchical security password control and alarm history recording function; the controller is equipped with a standard USB2.0 interface, which can save the mixing ratio data to the U disk for easy production Quality control: With sound and light alarms, it is convenient for the equipment personnel to quickly and accurately reach the site of the faulty machine. All parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel to prevent the raw materials from being contaminated. It can be installed directly on the machine or can be installed next to the machine with an optional tripod.
Solve the problems of manual ingredients weighing errors and uneven ingredients mixing, and save manpower, enterprise space, if the bottom bracket is equipped with mobile pulleys, it will be more convenient for large and medium-sized enterprises to use one machine for multiple purposes![Plastic dryer encyclopedia]

Working principle of gravimetric blender:

gravimetric blender,gravimetric batch blender,weigh scale blenderFor gravimetric blender that control the amount of material by weighing, the accuracy of the load cell is very important, but it is only a part of the mixing system. The real uniqueness of the weighing blender lies in its design. The weighing blender weighs materials in a sequential manner. For example, to mix 3 materials, including the first main resin, the second resin and an additive, add one material at a time, with the smallest component first and the largest component behind. In this case, the additive as the smallest component is first sent to the weighing bin, then the second resin, and finally the main resin. After completion, the pneumatic cylinder puts the batch of materials into the mixing chamber.
One. Material characteristics
Mainly refers to the fluidity, moisture absorption, uniformity of the shape of the material, and the viscosity of the material. These factors will directly affect the flow of materials during the preparation process, thereby affecting the accuracy of the ingredients.
Two. Control of feeding amount
1. The influence of the material level in the silo: the material level in the silo is too low or lack of material may cause the feeding to fail to reach the set value.
2. Feeding speed: the feeding speed index and the feeding accuracy index are contradictory, speeding up the feeding speed can reduce the batching time, And to improve the accuracy of the ingredients, the feeding time must be extended.
3. The height from the discharge port of the feeder to the weighing hopper: cut off the power supply of the feeder, and after stopping the feeding, the aerial blanking (drop) between the feeder and the weighing hopper is one of the main sources of error that affects the accuracy of the batching 1. The greater the height from the feeder outlet to the weighing hopper, the greater the drop value, and the more difficult it is to control the accuracy.
Three, weighing hopper
If less materials are prepared each time in the system, the weight of the weighing hopper will affect the selection of the load cell range. The stiffness of the weighing hopper will also affect the force of the sensor.
Composition of gravimetric blender
The gravimetric blender is mainly composed of hopper, weighing instrument, mixing barrel, PLC, electric box and other accessories

Models and characteristics of various gravimetric blender

gravimetric blender, it is a machine with Ethernet communication function, realizes the centralized monitoring function of networking with the molding machine, and adopts PLC program control. When all materials are uniformly mixed by weighing and metering, the metering accuracy can be ±0.05%. There is also an automatic repeat calibration function, which will automatically calibrate the program after each weighing to ensure the best batching accuracy. It has a batching formula storage function that can store more than 100 batching formulas at most. It is equipped with automatic alarm and history recording function machine. The low level meter of the batching hopper is convenient to alarm in advance when the raw material is lacking. It can be equipped with a USB data collection function to read the actual data of each batch of raw materials, recycled materials, color masterbatches, and additives. Adding ratio, special material bridging breaker can be prepared, used for film, sheet or irregularly crushed recycled materials; fuselage type can be prepared for ground installation, optional tripod and movable pulley can be freely and conveniently moved, down Material valve, storage barrel and suction box. Different mixing tanks can be selected according to the raw materials. The feeding, mixing and discharging speed can be set freely. The power consumption can be reduced according to different models and speeds,
The gravimetric blender can be divided into gravimetric blender and loss-in-gravimetric blender.

Loss in weight

This type of gravimetric blender measures the "loss in weight" from two or more hoppers using a load cell under each hopper. Material is usually dispensed from the hoppers using a screw conveyor. All materials are dispensed together and the rate of dosing from each hopper is controlled to ensure the correct blend is achieved.

Gain in weight (sometimes called a batch blender)

A gain in weight gravimetric blender has two or more hoppers arranged above a weigh-pan. These hoppers contain the components which are to be mixed, at the base of each hopper there is a valve to control the dispensing of material from the component hopper into the weigh-pan. The components are dispensed one at a time into the weigh pan until the target or batch weight is reached. Once the batch has been weighed out the contents of the weigh-pan are dispensed into a mixing chamber where they are blended. The resulting mixture exits the base of the mixing chamber into the processing machine.

A typical application of a gravimetric blender would be mixing virgin plastic granules, recycled plastic, and masterbatch (an additive used to colour plastics) together.

Body parameters of gravimetric blender
Model HGB- 50 100 200 400 600 800 1200 2000 2500 3000
Components 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Mixing Capacity(L/hr) 50 100 200 400 600 800 1200 2000 2500 3000
Batch Weight(L) 0.6 1.2 2.2 4.5 6 8 12 20 25 30
Main Material  Dosing Range (%) 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100
Additive Dosing Range(%) 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10
 Main Hopper Volume(L) 18 25 32 45 70 100 130 160 180 230
Additive Hopper Volume(L) 18 25 32 45 70 100 130 160 180 230
Mixing Barrel Volume(L) 6 6 20 20 40 40 80 80 100 180
Power Supply(V/Hz)
  230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50
Total Power(KW) 0.12 0.12 0.25 0.25 0.55 0.55 1.5 1.5 1.5 3
Compressed Air (kgf/cm2) 6~8
Max. Noise Level(dB) <75
Due to the different weighing units around the world, it can be converted according to the density of raw materials.
Note: 50-3000L/hr or 50-3000kg/hr or 110-6613lb/hr

The actual connection design plan of the gravimetric blender

The actual connection design plan of the gravimetric blender

Gravimetric blender for various mixing

What types of gravimetric blenders are available? gravimetric blenders are used for weighing and measuring the incoming materials according to different raw materials, weighing or weight loss. The screw-type weighing and measuring procedure can be used to solve the problem, and it is very accurate. But the important thing is mixing. Some are particles and particles, particles and particles, several particles and micromaterials, a variety of micromaterials and particles. Whether a machine can complete the mixing of these raw materials evenly, this is a gravimetric blender. The mixing system. So as to develop a variety of different mixing systems.

Double-pot gravimetric blender

Double-pot gravimetric blender: suitable for mixing powdered resin molding materials
gravimetric blender,gravimetric batch blender,weigh scale blenderEquipment characteristics: This gravimetric blender adopts a double-pot structure. The wet mixing and dry mixing are completed in two pots respectively, which realizes linkage and solves the inconvenience of sticking and cleaning pots of traditional mixing equipment. Heat, stable quality of the mixed materials, good looseness and moldability, and no particle segregation occurs when the materials with large contrast and different particle sizes are mixed, and the particles are not extruded or ground, and are mixed powdered resin molding The ideal mixing equipment.

Double-shaft blade gravimetric blender:

Double-shaft blade gravimetric blender: suitable for mixing liquid resin molding materials.gravimetric blender,gravimetric batch blender
Features of the mixing and batching system: uniform mixing, loose mixing, good formability, easy discharging, less leftover, high production efficiency, but high heat generated by mixing, and fast wear of the reamer and the pot body.

Roller gravimetric blender:

suitable for mixing liquid resin molding materials.
  Features of the mixing system: the mixing is very uniform, but the time is long, the efficiency is low, the discharge is not clean, there are many dead ends, and it is not easy to clean.
   Working principle: It is a mixing mechanism composed of a grinding disc and two or one grinding wheels. The grinding disc is driven by a motor, and the grinding wheel rotates and crushes the material under the action of friction. The material is loosened by the scraper and manual spatula, so that the material is evenly mixed. The specifications of several wheel mills are shown in Table 3-14.
   Counter-current wheel milling gravimetric blender is equipped with iron rollers on the counter-current mixer. It also functions as a counter-current machine and a wheel mill, and can be used to mix liquid or powder resin molding materials.

Countercurrent weigh scale blender:

suitable for mixing powdered resin molding materials, and can also be used for mixing liquid resin molding materials.
  Equipment features: the mixing is relatively uniform and loose, there are few dead ends, the material is easy to discharge, easy to clean, high production efficiency, and the equipment is not easy to wear.
The principle of this weighing mixer is composed of a horizontally rotating container and a rotating vertical mixing blade. When the molding material is stirred, the container turns to the left and the blades turn to the right. Due to the effect of countercurrent, each particle of the molding material The direction of movement is crossed, and the chance of contact with each other is increased. The countercurrent mixer has a small extrusion force on the material, low heat generation, high mixing efficiency, and more uniform mixing.
   On this basis, a plough board mixer appeared after improvement. The feed pot in its structure is basically the same as the counter-current type, but the stirring knife is changed to a fixed plough board, only the feed pot rotates, and the plough board has two groups, one group turns the material outward, and the other group turns the material inward. During the mixing process, the materials are continuously separated and turned. To achieve the purpose of mixing. This equipment has good automatic mixing quality and easy operation.

Drum type continuous humidification gravimetric batch blender:

   1. Equipment composition and working principle
   Drum continuous humidifying mixer is composed of five parts: linear compensation hopper, screw feeder, mixer host, water distributor and electrical control cabinet. The main machine of the drum type continuous humidifying mixer is composed of a spiral thrower, agitator, a rotating water spray plate, a drum and so on.
  The mixing process is as follows: the powder that has been ground by the pulverizer is input to the linear compensation hopper by the lifting equipment. Upper and lower limiters are installed on the hopper. When the material level is higher than the upper limit, the lifting equipment will automatically stop; when the material level is lower than the lower limit, the lifting equipment will automatically open to keep a certain amount of powder in the hopper and stabilize the material. The screw feeder under the hopper feeds the powder into the main machine of the mixer quantitatively. Into the spiral ejector of the mixer, the dry fine powder is continuously fed into the drum by the spiral ejector, and at the same time, the rotating water spray plate sprays the materialized water. Under the action of the agitator and the drum, the dry and fine powder The physicochemical water is fully mixed to form a uniform humidifying powder. It can be directly used for pressing after aging.
  The electrical control cabinet can complete the combined control and single control of the mixer host, screw feeder, and water distributor; manual and automatic control of the feeding device; the whole machine will stop automatically when the hopper is empty.
  2. Introduction to the humidification and mixing process
When the drum type continuous humidification mixer is used as the mixing equipment, the process of raw material → coarse and medium crushing → manual or mechanical batching, mixing → fine grinding → humidification mixing → screening → blank storage can be used for preparation Moisturizing powder formed by manual friction press.
  After the hard raw materials entering the factory are inspected and selected, they are coarse or medium crushed with a jaw crusher or hammer crusher; soft raw materials need to be dried to below 4% when the moisture content is too high. Coarse and medium crushed hard raw materials, soft raw materials after manual or mechanical batching and mixing. Then fine grinding equipment, such as winnowing crusher, tube mill, Raymond mill, grind the powder into a certain fineness of powder. The fine powder is fed into the horizontal humidifying blender by the conveying equipment, and the dry fine powder and water are uniformly mixed in the blender. The humidification rate can be adjusted between 3~8% according to the original moisture of the powder and the required water powder for pressing. According to the pressing requirements, the moisture content of the humidified powder mixed by the mixer can be adjusted between 3~10%.
  The powder processed by the above process has uniform water powder and good fluidity. It does not need to be sieved. After aging, it can be directly used for manual friction press molding. The pressed powder produced by this process can effectively improve the quality of the pressed body, guarantee the high-quality rate of the fired product, and improve the product grade.
   This kind of automatic gravimetric blender is used for uniform mixing of powdery materials and liquids. The machine has the characteristics of good mixing effect, convenient adjustment and stable production. The process production line equipped with a roller type continuous humidification mixer has the characteristics of good performance of the prepared humidification powder, good pressing effect of the press, and high-quality products produced. The process also has the characteristics of saving investment, reducing energy consumption and production costs, and improving the working environment. It can be widely used in industries such as magnetic materials, electrical ceramics, and architectural ceramics.

Ball mill gravimetric blender:

suitable for dry mixing of abrasives and various powdered materials.
  Equipment features: long-term mixing is required, the mixture is extremely uniform, the equipment is simple, and the operation is simple.gravimetric blender,gravimetric batch blender,weigh scale blender
The working principle of the mixing system of the gravimetric blender: The ball mill is a widely used crushing equipment, but it can also be used for powder mixing. It is a closed rotating drum with many ceramic balls or steel balls. , When the cylinder rotates, the raw material and the ceramic ball collide and grind with the cylinder wall to achieve the purpose of grinding or mixing the material. When mixing materials with a ball mill, the effect of crushing materials should be reduced as much as possible, so the number of ceramic balls should be less, generally about 5-10% of the volume of the drum, and the diameter of the ball is generally not more than 40mm.

Screw gravimetric blender:

In the screw gravimetric blender, the gap between the screw and the shell in the mixing system can be 3mm-6mm, and the material can be driven by friction to participate in the mixing. However, due to the difference of the crushing particle size and the friction coefficient of the material, the time for each component material to participate in the mixing will be different, resulting in inhomogeneity of the product. At present, some manufacturers have realized this and improved their products. One is to pay attention to the processing accuracy and reduce the bottom gap to 1mm-2mm; the other is to make the position between the spindle and the housing adjustable. The spiral belt and housing can often adjust the gap according to the amount of wear. The three-dimensional mixing system, spiral belt mixing system, Spiral belt mixing system and spiral mixing system. When choosing a weighing mixer for raw material mixing, it is the best choice to choose a gravimetric blender according to the mixed raw materials

Operation and precautions of gravimetric batch blender?

Operation matters of gravimetric blender

1. Plug in the power first, then turn on the switch, the machine will start.
2. If the discharge port is not in your desired position, the gravimetric blender must be jog until the discharge port stops at your desired position.
3. Before starting the machine, check whether the electrical appliances are normal and whether the cover of the mixing cylinder is tightly closed.
4. The controller is equipped with a standard USB2.0 interface, which can save the mixing ratio data to the U disk, which is convenient for production quality control.
5. The volumetric mixing metering mode increases the batching capacity; it has the function of formula storage, which can store more than 100 groups of formulas at most; the function of hierarchical security code control and alarm history
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